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BUS Urban Wear is a Portuguese clothing brand who invites men and women to express their personality thru clothes.



The brand was created in 1997 and since then, is a reference in the Portuguese fashion industry.



Our goal is to combine the best materials with the most recent fashion trends. We want to offer innovative and bold garments, differentiated from the competition.



We are a loyal brand to the trends and we are known for our authenticity, innovation, comfort and quality. We already have 20 years of experience and know-how and we want to offer clothes for every body type, in order to enhance the physiognomy of each person.



It’s on our DNA the attention for detail and the differentiation. Our target market is the ones who seek for the last trends, without discarding the comfort. Our client is a determined person with attitude.



We already have 200 sale points all over the Europe – specially in Portugal.