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Making a purchase on this site is simple.

After viewing the looks and products that interest you, to select an item just choose the color you want, insert the size you want and then just "add to cart".

When adding the item you want, it goes to your Shopping cart. You can continue shopping or simply process the order.

You can make the purchase whether you are registered or not. If you are register you'll be able to view your shopping history, earn points and enjoy later offers we have for you. You can also add items to the wishlist.

To complete the purchase process you must enter your data or just confirm if you are already a user, select the payment method and press "confirm".

After the order is confirmed you will receive an email confirming your order.




Portugal - 4,92€ per order. FREE for orders over 40,00€

Continental Portugal


Portugal - 4,92€ per order. FREE for orders over 40,00€

Madeira and the Azores


Europe - €10 per order. Free shipping for orders over 100€.

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway and Sweden.


Rest of the World

We ship anywhere in the world . Just send us an e - mail to support@busjeans.com and send all the necessary information to complete the order.


*Countries outside the European Union may be subject to specific rates.




Continental Portugal, Madeira and the Azores:

All orders will be shipped within 3 to 5 business days from the date of order payment.

In case you choose to pay by bank transfer or by bank reference (ATM), payment confirmation, and subsequent order confirmation, can only be made on the business day following the date of payment if the payment have been completed till 18h (GMT), or the 2nd business day following the payment date if the payment is received between 18h to 24h (GMT).


If you choose to pay through a PayPal account, order confirmation will occur as the chosen entity makes the payment confirmation. Generally, in these cases the payment confirmation is immediate and the order is confirmed the next day.


In both cases you will receive an email confirmation of your order.




All orders are delivered between 9h and 18h (local time of delivery) . It is not possible to schedule specific times for delivery.




You can make exchanges in the following situations:

. If the article does not match the expected, either because the size do not fit or because the color does not match .

. If the item is defective.

In these cases you can be repaid in cash (within a few days), exchange for another item(s) of equal or greater value, or even receive a voucher of the same value for later use in the online shop, no time bound to do so.


Returns that are sent to our warehouse, to be accepted must contain: the item(s) in it's original condition and the respective invoice. After checking our stock, we´ll proceed to the issuance of the credit note and the new invoice. 


How much time do you have to make a exchang/return?

The deadline for any exchang/return is 15 days, counting from the time of receipt of the item(s).


The cost will be arranged by the client.




The return cost is supported by the client, remaining all the other related costs (ex: re-shipping costs) supported by BUS URBAN WEAR.

The deadline for making a return is 15 days from the reception date of the item.

Returns are only accepted for noncompliance in the sent items (defects, wrong orders in Articles, sizes and/or colors).


Send to the following address:


4786-909 Trofa

Portugal, EU





Any questions? Contact us!